Pawi Pide Kao

Head Coach & Technical Trainer

Coach Pawi is a professional soccer coach with a B CAF license and over 14 years of experience coaching youth and professional players. During his football career, he played as a striker in Togo's 3rd division and university team. As a coach, he trained in the United Arab Emirates for 4 years in the professional youth championship. Additionally, he had the privilege of serving as an assistant coach for the Togo national team for 2 years. Coach Pawi's teaching philosophy emphasizes technique and tactics, teaching players the details of the game, such as ball control, contact surfaces to use for the control , passing, shooting, dribbling, and ball possession in the game. Coach Pawi believe that mastering the basics of soccer is crucial for young players. "Soccer is my passion."

Richard Reynolds

Head Coach & Goalkeeper Trainer

Coach Reynolds is a goalkeeper specialist with 15 years of professional playing experience at the club and international level. Hailing from Guyana, Coach Reynolds has traveled the world as a professional footballer and is now focused on transferring his knowledge to the youth as a coach. Coach Reynolds recently returned from coaching with the Guyana U-20 National Team and bring a wealth of experience, dedication, passion, and knowledge, serving as a living example that with hard-work and dedication, you can achieve anything in this beautiful game of soccer.

Sharif Elzein

Head Coach

Coach Sharif has been living a “soccer life” since he was a child as a soccer player and continues living the beautiful game every day as an educator. With over 15 years experience coaching youth soccer and entering year 10 of founding Community First Soccer, Coach Sharif brings his passionate and detailed approach to the field every day and demands the same of his players. Soccer is Passion, Soccer is Joy, Soccer is Excitement, Soccer is Challenge, Soccer is Growth, Soccer is Team, Soccer is Together, Soccer is Family, Soccer is Community, Soccer is Life.