Our mission is to provide a positive environment to educate and develop youth soccer players through specialized training programs that will promote self-confidence, effort, discipline, and integrity. Through our comprehensive curriculum to learning, we believe that the experience our players will have at Community First Soccer will be beneficial throughout their lives.



Community First Sports Club (CFS) established June 2015, is a youth athletic organization committed to the development and promotion of youth soccer players boys and girls ages 3 -14 years old.


CFS believes that sports should provide an avenue for youth to develop to their fullest potential as athletes and as people. Through our program and cooperation with community service organizations and local schools and businesses, we hope to develop young productive citizens that are inspired to achieve excellence.


In addition to our soccer activities CFS will participates in various community activities in order to fulfill its role as a partner in the community dedicated to playing a role in developing young productive citizens.





Director of Operations: The Club’s head administrator tasked Club-wide communications and responsibilities. The role of the Director of Operations includes:

  • Club-wide communications and management

  • Finalizing practice/game schedules, practice/game cancelations, and any require make up events

  • Official game and tournament documentation for all players, coaches, and teams

  • Enforcement of the Club’s Policies and Procedures


Director of Coaching: The Club’s head of education for both players and coaches. The role of the Director of Coaching includes:

  • Setting of Club-wide training methodology, team by team curriculum, and player development standards

  • Overseeing Club coach education standards and practice/game preparation and planning

  • Evaluations of Team Coaches and feedback for professional development

  • Final decision on all player placement and team formations


Team Coach: Professional Coach assigned to train players at practices and games and handle all team communications and responsibilities. The role of the Coach includes:

  • To train players appropriate to their age and developmental level

  • To undertake periodic player evaluations

  • Be the first line of communications when a potential grievance is identified

  • To address concerns from parents concerning their child




Final decisions for team formation & program placement are made by the Director of Coaching with input from the Team Coaches and Director of Operations. Team and program assignments are based upon age, skill level, capabilities, and commitment to the team and training. The Club reserves the right to assign players to the team or place them in a program that they deem most appropriate for the player’s skill level and capabilities.




Competitive Teams: Select teams for dedicated players looking to compete at a high level.

  • Operate during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons; two season commitment minimum requirement

  • Three to four hours of on-field training

  • One-hour online class covering Soccer Culture and Video Analysis education

  • Access to CFS Core Skills Curriculum with at home training manual

  • Compete in Mid-New Jersey Youth Soccer Association (MNJYSA) and Eastern Development Program (EDP)

  • Play a minimum of 1 tournament per season

  • U11 and older teams compete in State Cup competition


Development Teams: Starter teams for players to focus on developing their fundamental athletic and technical skills.

  • Operate during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons; single season commitment

  • Two-hour and thirty-minutes of on-field training

  • Thirty-minute online class covering Soccer Culture education

  • Follow CFS Core Skills Curriculum with at home training manual

  • Compete in 5v5 Festival competition with MNJYSA or EDP Futures


Recreation Program: Open program for players taking part in their first soccer experience  

  • Operate during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer seasons; single season commitment

  • Two hours of on-field training each week

  • Access to CFS Recreation Curriculum with video library at home training manual

  • Play in-house small sided competitions; 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 depending on age and skill level


Athletics Program: Day-care soccer program for kids ages 2 – 4 years old

  • Operate during the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons; 6-week commitment

  • One hour of on-field training each week

  • Follow CFS Day-care curriculum

  • Training only, no games


Camps: Fun and competitive soccer camps open to all players  

  • Operate during the summer, spring break, major holidays, and teacher’s conventions

  • Weekly registration, single day drop-ins accepted

  • Full-day and half-day options

  • Follow CFS Core Skills Curriculum

  • Small-sided, large-sided, and futsal competitions

  • Fun game camps, special events, prizes, and much more

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973 - 902 - 8240

PO Box 14, Vauxhall, NJ

United States, 07088


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