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The State of New Jersey has issued an official timeline for the resumption of Organized Youth Sports and Youth Day Camps


NJ State Timeline

  • Monday, June 22: Organized Youth Sports can resume activities provided they remain outdoors, non-contact, and follow NJ Department of Health, health & safety standards.


  • Monday, July 6: Youth Day Camps can re-open following COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards.


Community First Soccer (CFS) Return to Play Timeline  follows NJ State guidance


CFS Return to Play Timeline

  • Monday, June 22: On-field CFS Group Training begins following strict Athletic Social Distancing and Health & Wellness guidelines.


  • Monday, July 6: On-field CFS Summer Camps begin following COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards.


Important Terms

  • Athletic Social Distancing: Players must remain at least 10  yards separated from one another to account for movement and heavier breathing due to greater exertion.


  • Health & Wellness Guidelines:


  • Face Covering – face coverings are required to be worn when arriving to the field, when exiting the field, and during all breaks from play.  Plays must have a sturdy face covering that covers both the nose and mouth and will not come apart, break, or easily fall. Face coverings will not be worn during exercise.

  • Limit on Player Attendance – we will have a maximum of 10 players per training group, with a maximum of 2 training groups per full soccer field.

  • No Contact – no physical contact between any athletes or coaches

  • Separated Break Areas - players will have designated areas to put their belongings, separated from other players.

  • Temperature Checks – A non-contact temperature check will be conducted on all players upon arrival. all families are expected to test the temperature of participating athletes before leaving the home. Any athletes with a temperature above 100.4° F should stay home

  • Sanitary Practices – minimize share equipment at practice, all shared equipment will be sanitized between practices

  • No Use of Public Restrooms – athletes are expected to use the bathroom before practice, we strongly advise athletes and coaches not to use public restrooms. For Summer Camp we will provide our own private restroom for use only by campers and coaches

  • Spreading Out of Training Schedule – enough time will be provided for participants from one practice to vacate the event area before the next practice participants arrive

  • Limits on Spectator Attendance – There will be no spectators allowed to stay in proximity of the players during practice. Parents are suggested to stay in their cars or to observe from a distance


  • COVID-19 Youth Summer Camp Standards: Awaiting standards from NJ Department of Health

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