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 COVID-19 Practice Guidelines
COVID-19 Game Guidelines
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COVID-19 Practice Guidelines

  • Players are required to have a secure face covering. Face covering must be worn when arriving to the field, exiting the field, and during all breaks from play.

  • Players must make every effort to observe social distancing (minimum of 6 feet apart) during training and during all breaks from play.


  • No handshakes, hugs, or physical contact between players not in the motion of play.


  • Players must bring their own filled water bottles to all practices and games.  


  • Players must bring their belongings to their designated practice area and place at least 6-feet from their teammate’s belongings.


  • Players must have their temperature checked before leaving the house.


  • Players must go directly to their coach for a non-contact temperature check before the start of practice.


  • No spectators allowed at the field. All parents must remain in their cars during player drop off and pick up.


  • At the end of practice, players must go directly to their car to exit the field before the next practice begins.


  • All players must wait until players from the previous practice have left the field before the next set of players enters the field.


  • All players should sanitize their hands and wash their clothes after every practice.

COVID-19 Game Guidelines


  • No Player, Coach, Referee or Spectator should be present at any game if they exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have a reasonable suspicion, they may have been exposed to someone who does.

  • Anyone planning to attend a game as a Player, Coach, Referee, or Spectator should take their temperature before leaving home and should not attend if they have a temperature above 100.4



  • All Players, Coaches, Referees, and Spectators must exit the field of play immediately after the conclusion of their game.

  • All Players, Coaches, Referees, and Spectators must wait until all attendees of the previous game exit the playing area before entering the field area.

  • All attendees must wear their masks while arriving to and exiting the field.



  • Players must remain 6-feet apart and wear their masks while on the sidelines.

  • Players should bring their own chairs for individual seating on the sidelines.

  • No sharing of water bottles or food.

  • No spitting on the field.

  • No handshakes or physical contact between players, coaches, and referees at the field.

  • Deliberate physical contact of any kind not in the motion of play is prohibited.

  • Players must not approach the referee under any circumstances.



  • Only 1 spectator per family is allowed at the field of play.

  • Spectators must wear their masks the entire time while at the field.

  • Spectators must remain 10 yards away from the field of play at all times and maintain 6-feet social distancing from other spectators.

  • Spectators should have no contact with players, coaches, or referees while at the field.

  • Spectators must remain on their designated side of the field.



  • It is the coaches & managers responsibility to maintain COVID Game Guidelines.

  • If teams cannot abide by COVID Game Guidelines, first a warning will be issued for the coach & manager to enforce the guidelines. If a team continues to not abide by the guidelines, all spectators will be asked to leave the field. If a team continues to refuse to abide by the guidelines, the game will be forfeited.

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