Maxwell Uchendu
Development Team & Recreation Coach

Coaching is one of my passions in life as I have been a student of the game for the longest time. My style is fast paced and technical as a left footed player; I have always loved to cause problems for opposition defenses and to keep them on their toes. This translates to my coaching philosophy as I like my players to attack and I like to focus on improving the attacking ability of my teams and players individually, following the idea that “the best form of defense is attack”. It is also very important to pay attention to those seemingly little details that impact the learning of players and their ability to impact games.

In my collegiate years, I played as an attacking midfielder or winger for ASA College in NY and later for Bloomfield College in NJ. I started my coaching career in 2019 at Ultimate Soccer Training in Long Island and now am very excited for this opportunity to work with Community First Soccer, contributing to the overall success of the club and the development of young soccer players.